Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snowboarding Video

History of Snowboarding

So the season is over for the most part, so I figured I'd brush up on my history, and spread a little knowledge your way. Snowboarding got its origins from a mix of a few things surfing, skiing, and skateboarding. East Coast surfers had no where to surf in the winter and wanted to go against the curve of the skiers. Jake Burton created the first modern day snowboard, and the funny thing is it could only be used in the back country. Even still today snowbaording is not allowed on some mountains, or some parts of mountains. But heres a video that will show you a more in-depth look.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Loon Mountain Street Cred Contest

The staff put together a course filled with obstacles such as wall rides  handicap rails, a chain-link pole jam, and even a 20-foot down bar with ten small knobs on it.

1st – Jeff Deforge
2nd – Devin Therrien
3rd – Dennis Filteau

1st – Maggie Leon
2nd – Lilly Calabrese
3rd – Gina Perelli


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Winter Snow Summer Sand

Though there are still some mountains open around in the east coast and out west, but the little snow that they have is melting off and snowboarding is about to fade with the season. But riding doesn't end with the snow being gone. Obviously theres the options of long boarding, skateboarding, or surfing that you can get that feel of riding, but just in a different atmosphere. But if you want to try something else that will hold more true to riding on a mountain, seek out some sand dunes... Wait what?  Yea I said it kid sand dunes. Sand boarding is starting to grow in popularity especially in areas that have these massive sand dunes that are great to just take your snowboard, hike up and ride down, just as if you were on a mountain, but wearing shorts and teeshirt. This also gives those of you who aren't a fan of the winter cold to get on a board and try it out. To find a spot to go the easiest thing to do is search it in google. The northeast doesn't have many of these dunes, but Colorado and California, along with North Carolina but if you have the time and the cash there are amazing spots in Australia, South America, and the dunes of Sahara Desert. Heres a video, check it out and hopefully you'll have a chance to try it out.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Still Can Ride

Though the summer is right around the corner if your willing to put some work in or take a trip there are certain places you can find some places to ride...Well more Jib, which is slang term for going tricks using objects and in places you wouldn't normally board. If you look back in the blog you can see a jib session me and my roommates made after storm Nemo pummeled us with snow. One thing you can usually find at certain mountains is promotional events from snowboard suppliers such as Burton, or Anon. This one is at bear mountain in New York held by Ashbury, an eyewear company.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Warm Weather

The warm weather is coming into Connecticut closing many mountains to go snowboarding on.  Its time to go on vacation to find some snowboarding resorts with snow.  Look to travel to Colorado and Utah or you can travel overseas to Europe where there are plenty of places to still go snowboard.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

X-Games Tignes, France results

There was some epic tricks pulled off and close competition at X-Games in Tignes, France over the weekend of the march 20th. Louri Podladtchikov landed the first cab double cork 1440 in competition. For those who don't know the terms cab means a switch front side spin, cork is a side flip and 1440 is four full rotations. He did this in the superpipe which is even more impressive. Louri Calls this the YOLO flip. Heres a video.

Here is the medal placements for both the mens and women's super pipe from X-games Tignes. The second of six events in the new set up of the X-games which you can read about in my previous blog. 

1Louie VitoR74.00R53.33R92.6692.66
2Arthur LongoR92.00R20.00R22.0092.00
3Taku HiraokaR33.33R78.00R86.0086.00

1Kelly ClarkR87.66R4.33R23.0087.66
2Elena HightR61.66R29.33R85.0085.00
3Arielle GoldR76.00R83.00R79.0083.00